Banned: Top Celebrities Denied The Red Carpet Treatment


    1. Justin Bieber in Miami

    Justin Bieber (Flickr/C.C.  Josh41mavs)

    Justin Bieber (Flickr/C.C. Josh41mavs)

    So Justin Bieber is finally getting denied at clubs (he’s not even 21 yet) and the star singer is throwing a fit about it; He is no longer welcome in the Miami nightlife. As you could have imagined, after the fiasco with Justin Bieber and the Miami Police Department earlier this year where Justin was arrested and charged with a DUI, things haven’t been too great for Miami clubs.

    The other clubs caught on real quick that under age acceptance was not going to happen and neither was the Bieber. This past weekend, Justin and his camp called ahead to reserve several tables at Miami’s poshest nightclubs: Story,Adoré and LIV.

    Justin tried everything to get those tables even offering to spend big mula (cash) on Dom Perignon and Cristal bottles which can sell for up to $4,000 a bottle at the luxe lounges. But the big boys at the top took one look at Justin and knew he was too much trouble for even them to handle. Looks like the Biebs won’t be seen parading around Miami beach anytime soon.

  • 2. John Travolta

    John Travolta (Flickr/Srikanth Muppavarapu)

    John Travolta (Flickr/Srikanth Muppavarapu)

    Few A-listers are as notorious in their sexual preferences and delights as John Travolta is because of his ban from New York City’s Peninsula Hotel spa. Several years ago, the employees and male masseuses at the Peninsula Hotel Spa began noticing strange requests from John.

    The requests and sexual advances became so severe and un-called for that the employees spoke up about the Travolta’s behavior and he was subsequently banned from the spa.

    Since then, there has been several masseuses that have spoken up about Travolta’s inappropriate requests at spas and hotels. They have even gotten together to form a lawsuit against the A-lister. Who knows what happened to the lawsuit but I know one celebrity that’s not commenting on the issue anytime soon; Take care John Travolta.

  • 3. Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan

    Lindsay Lohan

    Lindsay Lohan

    Few celebrities know how to get in as much trouble as Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan and this episode is no different than the other crazy antics these two trouble makers have caused over the years.

    Amanda Bynes had just gotten arrested for DUI, taken in and then released. That exact night, the troublemaking Nickelodeon star decided to join up with her best friend Lindsay Lohan at the club Smoke & Mirrors.

    In the meanwhile Lindsay Lohan was inside the Smoke & Mirrors bar, enjoying herself, prepping for a reunion with her child star bestie Amanda. Well one thing led to another and before Amanda could even make it to the infamous bar, Lindsay Lohan was getting kicked out for getting into a fight with another patron.

    And then when Miss Amanda Bynes arrived; Amanda was denied and never allowed back into Smoke & Mirrors ever since her infamous DUI arrest.

  • 4.Paris Hilton

    367760122_6d2c1176eb_oParis Hilton is infamous for partying hard and being in the spotlight but when the hotel heiress was stopped in front of the Wynn hotel in 2010, she wasn’t smiling so bright under police spotlights. Paris Hilton and her then boyfriend (manager of Wynn clubs) were driving up to the Wynn hotel where her boyfriend worked when they were pulled over.

    As Paris was opening her purse to grab her lip balm a baggie of cocaine fell out, right in plain sight of the police officer. The two were immediately arrested, Paris was fined a measly $2,000 (for her) and 200 hours of community service. The entire episode caused quite a scene and because of it Paris has been banned from all Wynn hotels and resorts.

    Oh and her boyfriend: yeah he got fired from his management position at the Wynn Resorts.