Paul Walker’s Daughter Gets It All: $25 Millions Worth

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    I’m sure you’ve heard all about the passing of the famous “Fast & The Furious” star passing away earlier this January from a car racing accident. Hollywood and the world alike has been mourning the young stars tragic death and even more so his only daughter, Meadow Walker. The star’s daughter lived the majority of her life in between her fathers arms and his now ex-wife who lives in Hawaii.

    Meadow Walker was living with her mom and grandmother in Hawaii for the past several years until late 2013 when she decided to move to LA to be with her late father. According to close sources the young girl was incredibly close to Paul and the two were making big plans for her when she arrived to LA to live in the multi-million dollar mansion.


    Unfortunately the great trip was cut short and Meadow lost her father just weeks into her moving to California. The family was destroyed and Meadow’s life was forever changed. Now her only choice was to move back to Hawaii to live with her mother and forever think about the father she lost.


    Not all hope is lost, Paul made sure his little girl would be taken care of for the rest of her life. This week Paul’s last will was released and in it he named who would inherit his $25 million dollar estate. He had the will drafted and officiated in early 2001 so it had not been updated since then. At the time he named his mother as the proprietor of his estate. And his daughter Meadow Walker as the sole beneficiary of his estate, to be given to her when she turns 18. Looks like Meadow will be looking forward to one generous 18th birthday party. In honor of her incredible father, Paul Walker.

  • Markk

    Such a sad terrible tragedy. I hope she’s doing better now.

    • Luis R. Valadez

      I think she’s doing as good as she possibly can.

      Her mom and grandmother are in a huge custody battle right now, even though her mom is the one with custody of her. However Paul had originally put in his will that his mother would take custody. Thus the reason for the huge battle for the young girl.