Loyal Fan Attacks Queen Beyonce – With A Fat Lawsuit

  • Beyonce Knowles (Flickr/ Andoni Tebar)

    Beyonce Knowles (Flickr/
    Andoni Tebar)

    Beyonce is one of the most well known and respected woman in the music industry and world, but even women like her have people who want to hurt her. And that’s exactly what two extreme fans are doing to Beyonce, or are they?

    Hardly, two young girls were trampled at one of Beyonce’s concerts in Chicago.The die hard fans were so eager to see Beyonce that they showed up hours earlier than anyone else just so that they could be right in the front, close enough to see the Queen B in person.

    Well as you might imagine, when a crowd of people smashes through the security doors into a large holding area: someone gets hurt. Lo and behold, the girls that arrived super early to the concert were the ones that got squashed like bugs against the walls.

    Beyonce (Flickr/ Andoni Tebar)

    Beyonce (Flickr/
    Andoni Tebar)

    So what does a die hard fan do when they get hurt at Beyonce’s concert, well of course, the sue the Queen B herself. Not because they hate her and want to see her burn but because after all the pain, they STILL want to be close to Beyonce. Well I can’t blame them, everyone wants to be close to the Queen. But looks like these two girls won’t be ones to even meet her because Beyonce has pitbulls for lawyers: They don’t have problem shooing away even girls.

    The people they two young girl should be suing is the facility in Chicago, they specifically claimed that the facility should have set up better doors and security. Yet for some strange reason they chose not to bring their lawsuit against the facility or even management company but instead straight to Beyonce.

    Strange, but let’s face it. This is another case of an obsessed fan doing just about anything to get to the star. Understandable: Yet so unclassy.


  • JudgeMethos

    Beyonce is alright. Not all that great to me but does have quite the presence. Now these girls get hurt and wanna blame Beyonce? Makes no sense. She isn’t responsible for their getting smashed. Its the people who did the smashing that are responsible and to that end, the facility which they were in. Some people have the dumbest excuses for suing nowadays. Sad as hell.

    • Luis R. Valadez

      When I first researched the incident, I realized that the girls were suing the completely wrong people. And then it dawned on me that the girls were suing Beyonce in hopes of getting to see her and talk to her. Can you imagine how that conversation would have gone? Let’s just say Beyonce won’t be handing out free tickets to her next concert anytime soon.

      What I’m wondering is who are these horrible lawyers that these girls hired to represent them? They clearly should have known that the facility is responsible for this whole debacle. Smh.