Ellen Degeneres Hosts Oscars: 5 Facts You Never Knew

1. 86th Academy Awards Host


Ellen Degeneres (Flickr/C.C. mercychurch1)

In 2007, Ellen Degeneres was given the honor of hosting the prestigious Academy Awards. Ellen moved the crowd, made them laugh, and kept them entertained for the incredibly long awards show of 7 hours. As an individual who has had the honor of attending the awards show, at about 5 hours your bum begins to get tired and a good host is essential. Back when Ellen first hosted the Academy Awards, she at the time was the first ever female comedian to ever host the ritzy Oscars award show. After the show the critics had nothing but positive feedback for Ellen, calling her a celebrity that knows just how to entertain other celebrities. You would think after hosting her own show for so many years that Ellen would’ve learned a thing or two about interacting with A-listers, and her past performance has proven that she can handle the role of Academy Awards host. Only 150 countries to impress and one of the most watched television programs in the entire world; No pressure whatsoever Ellen.

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