Ellen Degeneres Hosts Oscars: 5 Facts You Never Knew

  • 1. 86th Academy Awards Host


    Ellen Degeneres (Flickr/C.C. mercychurch1)

    In 2007, Ellen Degeneres was given the honor of hosting the prestigious Academy Awards. Ellen moved the crowd, made them laugh, and kept them entertained for the incredibly long awards show of 7 hours. As an individual who has had the honor of attending the awards show, at about 5 hours your bum begins to get tired and a good host is essential. Back when Ellen first hosted the Academy Awards, she at the time was the first ever female comedian to ever host the ritzy Oscars award show. After the show the critics had nothing but positive feedback for Ellen, calling her a celebrity that knows just how to entertain other celebrities. You would think after hosting her own show for so many years that Ellen would’ve learned a thing or two about interacting with A-listers, and her past performance has proven that she can handle the role of Academy Awards host. Only 150 countries to impress and one of the most watched television programs in the entire world; No pressure whatsoever Ellen.

  • 2. Disney Custom-Created A Ride Just For Ellen


    Ellen Degeneres (Flickr/C.C. PBS News)

    Disney loves Ellen Degeneres, so much so that they decided to get their imagineers working to create a custom-made Ellen ride  at the Epcot Future World park. Ellen’s ride at the Disney park is called Ellen’s Energy Adventure and has been a huge hit since it first opened a few years ago. People from all over the world can now enjoy a piece of Ellen on a much scarier and exhilarating setting. The ride named after Ellen’s electric personality and the fact that she is a major environmentalist. Having spoken up about it several times throughout the years on her show and others alike. Ellen was quoted as saying “People don’t realize how little it takes to change our world for the better.”

  • 3. Only Person To Appear on Oprah’s Magazine


    Ellen Degeneres (Flickr/C.C. PBS News)

    Ellen Degeneres has had a long running magazine for some time now ever since her hit talk TV show became a regular part of American’s lives. During a special and unforgettable issue, Oprah and Ellen switched gracing the covers of their own respective magazines. Like celebrities playing with their toys and making millions while playing with each other. The shocking part of this whole celebrity playdate is that no one has ever graced the cover of Oprah’s magazine, “O” other than herself. The honor was and still is immense because since that day that Ellen was on Oprah’s cover, no other celebrity has been on any of the magazines issues. The situation was so rare that Ellen premiered it on her talk show and went on to make a giant sized replication and printing of the now-famous one of a kind cover.

  • 4. Ellen Is The Voice of Dory In “FInding Nemo”


    Ellen Degeneres (Flickr/C.C. Ron Paul)

    “Finding Nemo” is one of the most recognized and beloved of all Pixar films. It was actually Pixar’s first film back in 2003 that they had ever made for the North American continent and sure enough it was a massive hit. The film went on to make over a $1 billion which is incredible for any one film and even more-so for Pixar’s first American film. What many people around the world may not know is that the famed star role of Dory was actually voiced by Ellen Degeneres. Dory was the blue and purple fish that followed Nemo’s dad on his journey to find the captured Nemo and free his son. Dory is constantly quoted and beloved by children for her famous quotes of, “When life gets you down, do you know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.”

  • 5. Ellen became an ethical vegan at 50


    Ellen Degeneres (Flickr/C.C. Ron Paul)

    Ellen is one of many celebrities that have spoken about animal cruelty and their want to end anything that has to do with the inhumanity of treating animals as lesser beings. The TV show host queen has vocally announced on her TV show that she has chosen to not eat anything, wear anything, or used anything derived of animal products. Ellen didn’t choose to live a vegan lifestyle because of her diet or a need to eat healthier but because of her moral yearning to stand up for something she believe in fervently. Such stances are incredibly respectable and every day Ellen Degeneres sets up an ideal role model for our children and neighbors alike. I only hope that we all get to enjoy Ellen’s good morals, warming humour, and that beautiful knack for words she possesses, this upcoming Sunday for the 86th Academy Awards.